Friday, December 3, 2010

Goals and such

First of all, I hate it when I'm alone in the house and my dog starts barking for no reason.  It creeps me out, I always end up sneaking around looking for intruders. :(

Anyway, the main point of this blog is to put into writing my short term goals.  Because, as we all know, if you want to reach your goals, you should write them down. Or tell someone.. Which I have already done that step and I'm working on step two now.
So, my goals..


Food has always been a big issue of mine.  I don't eat red meat or pork, I am allergic to strawberries and kiwis, I hate carrots and all melons.  The problem? Other than what I mentioned, I'm not very picky... Which unfortunately has lead to a horrible struggle with my weight ever since I was a child.  The biggest thing that I've always heard from people in my life is that eating healthy is "expensive" and getting fast food is just so much easier and cheaper.. Really? Is that really really what people believe?  Well I believed it for 10 years of my life (ever since I was old enough to really understand and care about finances).  However, being on my own with my husband (even for a very short time period so far) has given me a new view on this matter.  Healthy food really doesn't cost that much more than junk food in the long run.  Uh, lets see, first of all you'll be HEALTHIER, which by the way is the cheapest way to live (less doctors visits, you aren't as much of a liability for insurance, oh yeah, and your stomach wont be expanding so you as a result wont be eating as much to get full).  Second of all, if you shop the right way, it actually comes out cheaper in the long run to just make meals at home instead of going out every night. 

So, it is my new goal to only eat out one day a week.  Just one.  And it can be anything that I want (within our budget of course), as long as it's just one day a week.  Everything else that I eat, I or my husband (or other family members) will prepare.  No more fast food junk.
My next goal is to work out anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes a day. 
I will be starting this routine after this weekend.  It's something that I was doing before the wedding, but kind of got buried under all the mess and stress of planning a wedding, then it was put off more for the honey moon and getting settled in our new life..  So, my husband is starting his work out routine again (getting back on track with his Fire Fighting stuff), which kind of motivated me to want to better myself as well.  Also a kind of old friend of mine also got me all motivated with a blog she wrote about her workout goals.  So anyway, I'm starting small with my personal weight goal, that way I set myself up for success, not failure.  However, once I reach my ultimate weight goal, which currently is to weigh 135 lbs, I have decided I will reward myself by getting a hair cut and some hair care products and possibly even dye it red or something. ha ha. So yes, that is my plan.  I think all of that will help greatly with my self-esteem and will help me to concur my fears.

Well... This one is something I still need more time to figure out completely.  As of right now, I have been toying with the idea of going back to PetSmart and getting my old job back.  I just had a discussion about finances with my husband last night, and it got me feeling like I need to help out more in some way in this department.  It would be fantastic if I could somehow make money doing something I really really enjoyed doing, but it seems that's not meant to be at the moment. Well, and it doesn't really help that we only have one car and he now works everyday at a new part time job (yay for new job!).
So about all I can do right now to make money is clean with my mom in the evenings.. However, I only help her with two cleanings a month. Not exactly a lot of money, but it's better than nothing.  She was talking about advertising more in the area so I can get more work.  I would help her with more of the cleanings she has now, except that the rest of them are all farther away than I would like to drive in 5 o'clock rush hour traffic, which is a whole other can of worms that will not be opened in this post.
I still want to work with dogs.  So bad.  But there's just no way I can really do anything without a car right now.  I need a new camera.
And some courage. And I need to know more people with dogs and cats I can photograph and practice painting.  Then maybe that will take off and our money problems will be closer to being solved!  Or maybe I'm just dreaming again.  Anyway, long story short, I don't really have any set in stone career goals as of right now.  But as soon as something comes up, I'll let you know.


This is something we haven't really discussed too seriously yet, about the only thing we are sure of is that we don't want to start trying to get pregnant until Carson is stable in his career as a Fire Fighter, and we are in a bigger place. So, that's about the only goal in that area.


Ok, this one is tricky.  I don't really like talking about the potential for friendships because I feel I always jinx it when I do.  Buuuut, I'm setting a goal anyway.  I would like to reconnect with at least one of my old friends, and hopefully make some new ones.  
I have no clue where I will be making these friends, but I am going into people withdrawals.. 
I need to get over these stupid fears and get out with people again.  That's my goal.  It's kind of a long term goal really.
One step at a time...


  1. "Or maybe I'm just dreaming again"
    Don't shoot yourself down, hun. This was very confident and very, very, VERY clear thinking. You're a beautiful, talented, and overall good person, you'll go far as long as you seek it out. I don't mean to sound like a fortune cookie... or a Disney song, but really - you can do all of this. :]
    It's kind of crazy how on par I am with you on ALL of what you've written. If I get excessive with the following, please let me know! I just appreciate the opportunity to relate to someone again, finally.

  2. Aww, thank you, Lindsey.
    It is pretty nice to know that I'm not the only one going through this crap. :)
    Your comment really did make me feel better, thank you, love.