Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Husband

Friday was Carson's birthday, and lucky him, we celebrated it all weekend.

Friday he went to lunch with his dad and aunt, then we celebrated that night by going to China Cafe, and I baked cookies.  I got him a new fish, another betta, this one's name is Denim.  I will post pictures once I can actually take a good one of him, he's difficult to photograph.  I also got him a few other items.  It wasn't a lot but I did what I could do.

Saturday night my mom took us to the out to eat at River City Grille, then to the Trail of Lights in Marble Falls, then we had McDonald's coffees on the way back.  It was a lot of fun.

Finally, Sunday was celebrated at my mom's house for lunch with my grandma and aunt.  We had pizza and they brought cupcakes from HEB. :)
It was a good weekend.  We are blessed to have people who care about us so much.

 Along the lines of Christmas, we still have yet to go shopping..  We planned to go tonight, but we are both pretty tired, and may not find the energy to go out.  If that's the case the only other day we can do it will be Thursday night, because Tuesday I clean in the evening, and Wednesday we are having dinner at Phil and Kristina's.  We just might have to suck it up and go tonight.. I hope we don't have trouble finding things quickly for everyone..
The good news is that I finished making the Christmas cards for our family.  The only one I have left to make is for my dad.
I love the holidays, but I will be so glad when they are over this year.  There are a ton of things in my life I have been neglecting because it's the holidays.. My diet and workout program, my painting and photography, my crafts, training the dog... And like a ton more...
Come January, hopefully I will be able to get back on track.

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