Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas

Had a surprisingly happy Christmas.  We didn't make it to church, however, and now I wish we had gone.  We made sure to remember the "reason for the season", though.
It was a smaller than usual Christmas, everyone is on a tight budget this year, but everyone was still very happy with what all they got.

The biggest change this year, aside from the fact that Christmas morning was spent with my husband opening our presents at home instead of with my mom like all the previous years of my life, was Christmas eve.  We had it at my grandma and aunt's house, like always, but when it came to the gifts, we did things a little differently this year, not terribly different, but different enough.  Instead of everyone getting gifts for each individual person from each individual person, each household gave each household gifts.   Which, there was some drama and disagreements about what was originally planned which was to set a price and have each household only give each household ONE thing under that price limit.. That didn't go over well.  The way it ended up being done worked pretty well in my opinion.
Everything else about the night went how it usually goes, gumbo for dinner, cake for dessert, and a toast usually with wine.. This year however, my sister brought Bailey's Irish Cream, lol.  Needless to say there were quite a few toasts...
The biggest bummer however, was the fact that Carson's dad couldn't be there for Christmas.  We was invited, but at the last minute finances made it impossible.  So the next time we see him we will give him his gifts and Christmas card.
Speaking of Christmas cards!  I did finish them all in time and everyone was happy with theirs.  I had made one for my mom, my sister and her husband, my grandma and aunt, my dad, Carson's dad and his wife, Carson's mom and sister, and Carson's brother (that one was done on the computer).
Unfortunately I only managed to get pictures of three of them. before sending them out.
meme & sissy's                     mom's                      Christi & Richard's

As fun as everything was, I am glad that the holidays are almost over.  I'm excited to start regular life again.  We went pretty much immediately from getting married to the holidays, so we still aren't settled yet. 
Maybe next Christmas there will be a little Dunn on the way (crossing fingers) 

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