Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ow, My Arm

I had my CAT scan today. 
It went well, the scan part of it was a piece of cake and kind of relaxing actually to just lay there and only having to worry about holding my breath every now and then..
What WAS bad however, was when they had to put the saline into my veins.  Apparently I have really small veins and having my blood drawn the day before didn't help matters.  Literally right after the technician started the injection into my arm, my vein collapsed and it was such an awful pain, I can't even describe.  Like, after she removed the catheter from my arm, it felt like someone had dropped a boulder on it.  My hand and forearm went numb and cold and I was honestly pretty scared.  She kept assuring me that I was fine and that it happens sometimes, in fact it had happened to her not too long ago.. She massaged the bend in my arm and eventually it went from an excruciating pain to just a really bad pain.  She then proceeded to inject the saline into my other arm, after convincing me that it never happens a second time so I had nothing to worry about.. Well, I got lucky that time and everything went normally.  After it was all over, the tech said that there would be some puffiness for a few days in my arm from the saline being rejected by my veins, and that the vein in my left arm would heal on it's own.  A few hours later it definitely became the size of a baseball cut in half.  It looked really strange and felt kind of numb and tight.  It is gradually getting smaller and softer but still feels strange. 
So.. That was my surprisingly terrifying experience having a CAT scan :(
The lady was really nice though, very friendly.

On a different note, Carson and I picked up the Cataclysm expansion for WoW and are going through the frustrations of leveling again.  

It's a pretty freaking epic expansion.  There goes what little life I did have.

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