Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Very Long Update

Our fish did in fact die yesterday.  I believe he killed himself, as I found him head buried in the marbles at the bottom of the tank and butt in the air, none of his food touched.  He was a pretty good fish.  We never settled on a definite name for him.  Carson liked "Tetris", and I liked the name "Bungee" because the day we brought him home he jumped out of the cup and took a trip to the kitchen counter and then the floor.

So, in other news I this urology doctor crap is really getting old.  They called my mom's phone Saturday - or Friday night, I don't remember when, but she got the message on the machine Saturday - to confirm an appointment with the doctor on Monday the 13th at 8:50am... Which I never scheduled ever.  So I tried calling them Monday morning right when they opened, but I got an answering machine.. I left a message for them to please call me back, that I never scheduled an appointment for that day and I would like to speak with the scheduler.. I never got a call back.  Well, today is the day of my real post-op appointment with the doctor, so I just got off the phone calling to confirm that I actually DID have an appointment today (which WAS scheduled), and yes, the confused man told me I was on the books.  Hopefully this will be my last appointment with these people.

On a much much lighter note, Carson did the sweetest thing that he's done for me since the wedding. lol.  We had gotten in a fight one morning, I think it was the day before yesterday, I don't even remember what about now... anyway, when he came home from work he had a surprise for me, a beautiful Pointsettia to go on my desk. I love it, it's so Christmasy!

His birthday is Friday.  I think we have definitely decided to go to our favorite Chinese food restaurant for dinner that night, and then Saturday my mom is taking us to the Trail of Lights in Marble Falls and then out to dinner.  Sunday will more than likely be the usual birthday lunch with the rest of the family.  :) Birthdays are kind of a big deal in our family. The really difficult part however, is trying to go shopping for his card and presents when we only have one car and he goes to work all day Monday through Friday..  But he's leaving the car at home tomorrow for me, while he takes his old work truck (that is another long headache worthy story)... It will all work out.

Speaking of presents, Christmas is almost here!  And I am nowhere near finished with everyone's gifts. :(
What I'm doing this year is making Christmas cards for the family.  One for my mom, one for my sister and her husband, one for my grandma and aunt, one for Carson's dad and his wife, and one for Carson's mom, sister, and brother (he suggested I make a separate one for his brother because he doesn't live with them anymore, so I might have to see what I can do about that).  
It is proving to be something I am procrastinating greatly on.  Mostly because I seem to be stuck in a rut.. Do I clean up the house, which would mean putting away all of my craft stuff in the middle of the living room floor, or do I work on the cards for the next few days and live in a cluttered messy apartment?  Decisions..

My last snippet of news pertains to my new found graphic design hobby.
My husband's boss at Tntechnologies (who also happens to be his best friend, sweet gig right?) has assigned me with the task of making a super awesome disaster recovery brochure for their company.  It is turning out to be a long difficult process of trying to please everyone involved but also give it some originality.  It's also looking like he might continue to assign me things here and there, like designing things for the website, graphics and such..  That scares me just a little bit... I am so not a website person.  Brochures I can handle, flyers I can do all day!  But websites?? I have never designed anything for a website in my life.  Oh, well, it's extra money for us, and if i just take it one project at a time, I'm sure I'll be able to handle it.

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