Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Closing This Blog!!!!!

The divorce is going forward sooner than expected... Please those of you who follow me here please follow me at my new blog:
Thank you!!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Temporary Blog
If you are interested in following my journey in my separation and in discovering myself, then you can follow my (hopefully) temporary blog at the address listed above.  If the worst happens and we never get back together, then I will be posting on that blog from now on.  There is no point to keep up with this married blog while all this is going on.
Also don't forget about my creative blog:
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Temporary Arrangement?

Just a quick update..
Carson and I are in a trial separation... It will last at least a month and depending on how we feel after then it could go one of three ways.
We could either both agree to continue the separation for a few more weeks or months until we reach a conclusion; we could potentially get back together and continue the marriage - however for that to happen there would need to be some MAJOR changes that just don't seem to be happening any time soon, nor does he feel he has any reason to change these things; or he can file for divorce.. I refuse to do it, I don't want a divorce, I never did. The separation was my idea as a last resort to try and save the marriage.  Had I not suggested it, I truly believe he would have gone ahead and filed for divorce immediately.
Things haven't been going well for a while now, but recently hurtful words have been said that just were the last straw.  It is clear there is nothing left in him to love me and I just need to accept that and pray that either God will change him and bring a miracle to this marriage (if it is His will), or he give me the strength to move on and start a new life.

I am currently staying temporarily at my mom's for the separation and in the end will either be moving back in with my (still) husband, or mom and I will transfer into a two bedroom at her apartment complex and I will hopefully have a little more insight as to where my life is heading at that point and can make arrangements accordingly.

Those of you who still read this, please pray for me and us.  I still do want this to work out more than anything, but I also will not be weak and just allow myself to be mistreated either..
Thank you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Defend the Faith

Awesome video.  Christian discussion with Mormons.
I wish I could find an extended version, I would have liked to hear the rest of the conversation.  This is a ministry that I have always been interested in, reaching Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Occultists, etc..

Hope on the Horizon

All I can say right now is thank goodness for Thomas (and for God, first of course).  Carson's boss and best friend came over last night to talk to both of us about what is going on in our marriage.. He gave some really really good advice and I think he's probably the best person to explain things to Carson.. A lot of what he had said was stuff that I have already told Carson over and over and over again, and stuff the Pastor at our church has told him, but for some reason Thomas knows how to explain it in Carson-speech or something and he seems to understand it.  It still came down to and ultimate choice by Carson to either throw in the towel or keep this train rolling.. All this meeting did was reassure him that our marriage was normal and that all marriage is going to absolutely suck at times, it's all just a matter of doing the loving things anyway, even if you don't feel like it.. even if we're in a down time of total suckage, we still have to do nice things for each other because we made the commitment, and then after we do those nice things and make those sacrifices, we are reminded that we love that person.
Anyway, long story short, he chose to stay last night and work through this. I'm still skeptical that his decision wont change one day when things aren't going too great... but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt this time and I'm not going anywhere either.
Thank you thank you those of you who prayed for us.  I truly believe that Thomas doesn't get all the credit. lol.  God put it in Carson's heart to text Thomas last night, God put it in Thomas's heart to want to come and help, and God helped Carson make that (albeit slow) move to stay.
Thank you, Thank you, Jesus! For giving us another chance at this. :)
Things aren't back to normal yet.. it will take time, probably weeks before we all feel better and actually see the benefits of sticking this out.. but I have always thought it would be worth it eventually.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trouble In Paradise

So...There is definitely trouble in paradise..
Actually, there has been for some time now.  I wont go into all the details as it is personal and would probably make for a horribly long post.. but I will ask that those of you reading this please please pray for my marriage.  It seems to be completely falling apart at the seams and it's only been 6 months!  :(  All I can really say is that I have tried a million things to fix it and make it work, but he refuses to reciprocate.  I am afraid that he just doesn't want to be with me anymore and I can't imagine what I must have done to screw things up. :(
Please please pray for us.
Thank you,

Friday, May 6, 2011

9/11 False Flag

Top US Government Insider: Bin Laden Died In 2001, 9/11 A False Flag

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations Steve R. Pieczenik says he is prepared to tell a federal grand jury the name of a top general who told him directly 9/11 was a false flag attack
Top US Government Insider: Bin Laden Died In 2001, 9/11 A False Flag 040511top

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Top US government insider Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a man who held numerous different influential positions under three different Presidents and still works with the Defense Department, shockingly told The Alex Jones Show yesterday that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 and that he was prepared to testify in front of a grand jury how a top general told him directly that 9/11 was a false flag inside job.

Pieczenik cannot be dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”. He served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under three different administrations, Nixon, Ford and Carter, while also working under Reagan and Bush senior, and still works as a consultant for the Department of Defense. A former US Navy Captain, Pieczenik achieved two prestigious Harry C. Solomon Awards at the Harvard Medical School as he simultaneously completed a PhD at MIT.

Recruited by Lawrence Eagleburger as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Management, Pieczenik went on to develop, “the basic tenets for psychological warfare, counter terrorism, strategy and tactics for transcultural negotiations for the US State Department, military and intelligence communities and other agencies of the US Government,” while also developing foundational strategies for hostage rescue that were later employed around the world.

Pieczenik also served as a senior policy planner under Secretaries Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz and James Baker and worked on George W. Bush’s election campaign against Al Gore. His record underscores the fact that he is one of the most deeply connected men in intelligence circles over the past three decades plus.
The character of Jack Ryan, who appears in many Tom Clancy novels and was also played by Harrison Ford in the popular 1992 movie Patriot Games, is also based on Steve Pieczenik.

Back in April 2002, over nine years ago, Pieczenik told the Alex Jones Show that Bin Laden had already been “dead for months,” and that the government was waiting for the most politically expedient time to roll out his corpse. Pieczenik would be in a position to know, having personally met Bin Laden and worked with him during the proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan back in the early 80′s.
Pieczenik said that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001, “Not because special forces had killed him, but because as a physician I had known that the CIA physicians had treated him and it was on the intelligence roster that he had marfan syndrome,” adding that the US government knew Bin Laden was dead before they invaded Afghanistan.

Marfan syndrome is a degenerative genetic disease for which there is no permanent cure. The illness severely shortens the life span of the sufferer.

“He died of marfan syndrome, Bush junior knew about it, the intelligence community knew about it,” said Pieczenik, noting how CIA physicians had visited Bin Laden in July 2001 at the American Hospital in Dubai.

“He was already very sick from marfan syndrome and he was already dying, so nobody had to kill him,” added Pieczenik, stating that Bin Laden died shortly after 9/11 in his Tora Bora cave complex.

“Did the intelligence community or the CIA doctor up this situation, the answer is yes, categorically yes,” said Pieczenik, referring to Sunday’s claim that Bin Laden was killed at his compound in Pakistan, adding, “This whole scenario where you see a bunch of people sitting there looking at a screen and they look as if they’re intense, that’s nonsense,” referring to the images released by the White House which claim to show Biden, Obama and Hillary Clinton watching the operation to kill Bin Laden live on a television screen.

“It’s a total make-up, make believe, we’re in an American theater of the absurd….why are we doing this again….nine years ago this man was already dead….why does the government repeatedly have to lie to the American people,” asked Pieczenik.

“Osama Bin Laden was totally dead, so there’s no way they could have attacked or confronted or killed Osama Bin laden,” said Pieczenik, joking that the only way it could have happened was if special forces had attacked a mortuary.

Pieczenik said that the decision to launch the hoax now was made because Obama had reached a low with plummeting approval ratings and the fact that the birther issue was blowing up in his face.
“He had to prove that he was more than American….he had to be aggressive,” said Pieczenik, adding that the farce was also a way of isolating Pakistan as a retaliation for intense opposition to the Predator drone program, which has killed hundreds of Pakistanis.

“This is orchestrated, I mean when you have people sitting around and watching a sitcom, basically the operations center of the White House, and you have a president coming out almost zombie-like telling you they just killed Osama Bin Laden who was already dead nine years ago,” said Pieczenik, calling the episode, “the greatest falsehood I’ve ever heard, I mean it was absurd.”

Dismissing the government’s account of the assassination of Bin Laden as a “sick joke” on the American people, Pieczenik said, “They are so desperate to make Obama viable, to negate the fact that he may not have been born here, any questions about his background, any irregularities about his background, to make him look assertive….to re-elect this president so the American public can be duped once again.”
Pieczenik’s assertion that Bin Laden died almost ten years ago is echoed by numerous intelligence professionals as well as heads of state across the world.

Bin Laden, “Was used in the same way that 9/11 was used to mobilize the emotions and feelings of the American people in order to go to a war that had to be justified through a narrative that Bush junior created and Cheney created about the world of terrorism,” stated Pieczenik.
During his interview with the Alex Jones Show yesterday, Pieczenik also asserted he was directly told by a prominent general that 9/11 was a stand down and a false flag operation, and that he is prepared to go to a grand jury to reveal the general’s name.

“They ran the attacks,” said Pieczenik, naming Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Stephen Hadley, Elliott Abrams, and Condoleezza Rice amongst others as having been directly involved.

“It was called a stand down, a false flag operation in order to mobilize the American public under false pretenses….it was told to me even by the general on the staff of Wolfowitz – I will go in front of a federal committee and swear on perjury who the name was of the individual so that we can break it open,” said Pieczenik, adding that he was “furious” and “knew it had happened”.

“I taught stand down and false flag operations at the national war college, I’ve taught it with all my operatives so I knew exactly what was done to the American public,” he added.

Pieczenik re-iterated that he was perfectly willing to reveal the name of the general who told him 9/11 was an inside job in a federal court, “so that we can unravel this thing legally, not with the stupid 9/11 Commission that was absurd.”

Pieczenik explained that he was not a liberal, a conservative or a tea party member, merely an American who is deeply concerned about the direction in which his country is heading.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. 

Article can also be found on
Christians for 9/11 Truth
^^Check out this awesome organization. Just stumbled across it recently... I'm so glad people are coming together to seek the truth and not just accept what the mainstream media has told them.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden Pronouced Dead... For the Ninth Time

Read with an open mind... Not saying I believe everything on this website, however you can't turn a blind eye to everything just because your government tells you to...
Copy Pasted the article below for those who don't want to click the link.

Osama Bin Laden Pronounced Dead… For the Ninth Time

James Corbett
The Corbett Report
May 2, 2011

When Obama pronounced Osama Bin Laden dead in a televised announcement heard round the world last night, he was at least the ninth major head of state or high-ranking government official to have done so.

Given Bin Laden’s documented kidney problems and consequent need for dialysis, government officials, heads of state and counterterrorism experts have repeatedly opined that Osama Bin Laden has in fact been dead for some time. These assertions are based on Bin Laden’s failing health in late 2001 and visible signs of his deteriorating condition, as well as actual reports of his death from the same time frame.

In July of 2001, Osama Bin Laden was flown to the American Hospital in Dubai for kidney treatment. According to French intelligence sources, he was there met by the local CIA attache. When the agent bragged about his encounter to friends later, he was promptly recalled to Washington.

On the eve of September 11, Osama Bin Laden was staying in a Pakistani military hospital under the watchful eye of Pakistan’s ISI, the Pakistani equivalent of the CIA with deep ties to the American intelligence community.

In October 2001, Bin Laden appeared in a videotape wearing army fatigues and Islamic headdress, looking visibly pale and gaunt. In December of 2001, another videotape was released, this time showing a seriously ill Bin Laden who was seemingly unable to move his left arm.

Then on December 26, 2001, Fox News reported on a Pakistan Observer story that the Afghan Taliban had officially pronounced Osama Bin Laden dead earlier that month. According to the report, he was buried less than 24 hours later in an unmarked grave in accordance with Wahabbist Sunni practices.

What followed was a string of pronouncements from officials affirming what was already obvious: supposedly living in caves and bunkers in the mountainous pass between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Osama would have been deprived of the dialysis equipment that he required to live.

On January 18, 2002, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf announced quite bluntly: “I think now, frankly, he is dead.”

On July 17, 2002, the then-head of counterterrorism at the FBI, Dale Watson, told a conference of law enforcement officials that “I personally think he [Bin Laden] is probably not with us anymore,” before carefully adding that “I have no evidence to support that.”

In October 2002, Afghan President Hamid Karzai told CNN that “I would come to believe that [Bin Laden] probably is dead.”

In November 2005, Senator Harry Reid revealed that he was told Osama may have died in the Pakistani earthquake of October that year.

In September 2006, French intelligence leaked a report suggesting Osama had died in Pakistan.

On November 2, 2007, former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto told Al-Jazeera’s David Frost that Omar Sheikh had killed Osama Bin Laden.

In March 2009, former US foreign intelligence officer and professor of international relations at Boston University Angelo Codevilla stated: “All the evidence suggests Elvis Presley is more alive today than Osama Bin Laden.”

In May 2009, Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari confirmed that his “counterparts in the American intelligence agencies” hadn’t heard anything from Bin Laden in seven years and confirmed “I don’t think he’s alive.”

Now in 2011, President Obama has added himself to the mix of people in positions of authority who have pronounced Osama Bin Laden dead. Some might charge that none of the previous reports had any credibility, but as it is now emerging that Osama’s body was buried at sea less than 12 hours after his death with no opportunity for any independent corroboration of his identity, the same question of credibility has to be leveled at this latest charge. To this point, the only evidence we have been provided that Osama Bin Laden was killed yesterday are some images on tv of a burning compound and the word of the man currently occupying the oval office.

But given that an informed consensus has formed around the opinion that Bin Laden died long ago due to kidney failure, will the people of America hold their President to the highest standard in presenting evidence that the person killed was actually Osama Bin Laden, and that he actually died in the way described, or will this pronouncement go unquestioned like so many other deaths in the never ending war of terror?

Stay tuned for more on this story as it develops…

Sunday, May 1, 2011

One of Those Nights

Well, it's one of those nights again...
Where I can't seem to fall asleep, or at least calm my brain enough to lay peacefully in bed at all.  Quite a few things have happened this week to disturb my mind back into a place I have worked very hard to crawl out of. First of all, the death of David Wilkerson, now the death of Osama bin Ladin, death just seems to be the topic of the week... Not to mention this week has been the absolute worst for my marriage.  We have been having some troubles for a while now, but it all seemed to come to a head this week.. In church today the pastor spoke about crying out to God for help in impossible situations, and how no matter how difficult the situation if you cry for help God will answer you.  It was a very good sermon and it really spoke to me and hit home, but now I just can't shake this overwhelming fear and disturbance in my peace tonight.

In the past year or so I have had a rather unusual issue of thinking pretty much every day about death and dying and how all of us, no matter who you are, are going to face a tragedy of some kind and die.  Even knowing what comes afterward, I still for some reason am incredibly unsettled about this fact.  It's something that really pulls at me from the inside and I am just no ok with it.  I will lose sleep over it, and not eat over it, it's a terrible feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.  When I told Carson about this a long time ago, he replied with, "of course you're not ok with death, people were not designed to die originally. Death is not what we were made for, it's a foreign experience to us brought on by our own original sin."  And that makes perfect since to me, and I appreciate him telling me my feelings are normal, however it still doesn't make me feel any better about it all. It makes me angry and sad and confused and frustrated. Most people would say that if death is inevitable and you know it's going to happen anyway no matter what, then what's the point of worrying about it.. The thing is, it's not the ending of life in this world that I'm worried about so much, I know what comes after this life and I am not afraid of it.. what does set right with me is death itself, the process and the pain of our bodies being overcome by whatever it is that will take our lives... That's what I just can't seem to get out of my mind and what I just can't bring myself to accept as something that just HAS to happen...

I know I probably sound like a crazy person rambling on and on about something so morbid.. but it's a morbid night for me for some reason.. I had trouble falling back asleep last night when I was awoken randomly at 4 am and now tonight I can't get myself to go to sleep to begin with...
I really do hate when this happens.  It is the worst feeling.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bamboo Fun

My Wacom tablet cam in today!  :D  YAY!  I was happier than a fat kid in a candy store. Honestly it was very very tricky to get the hang of and at first the CD that it came with to install the drivers for it wasn't working, so I was totally panicking.. Luckily you can download the drivers in their website, though, so my awesome day wasn't ruined.
I ~love~ it.  It's just the right size, too. Anything bigger would have been too cumbersome, and anything smaller and I would have felt jipped.
I definitely need to practice like, a ton with it before I attempted any serious artwork, or graphic designing. After fooling around with it for the past 4 hours I have managed to paint a work in progress of one of the wedding portraits of Carson and I.

I have no idea why I plan on finishing this, it's nothing to be taken too seriously, just practicing with the tablet in photoshop, tracing over the picture, then coloring it accordingly.  The clothing it no where near finished.  The heads will probably not require anymore touch ups, imo.
I recommend clicking on the pic to see the larger version to get all the detail..
I obviously have a long way to go in working with my new medium, but I suppose I'm off to a pretty good start (?)

Oh! And the new tat seems to be healing up nicely so far. :)
Just in case anyone was wondering.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Living Room and Tattoo

My sister came over last Friday and helped me organize my living room area.. It was just so cluttered and made our apartment feel so small. I wish I had taken a picture of it before, but I forgot to. :(  Anyway, she came over and we basically rearranged it all and cleaned it up and threw away old unnecessary junk and it looks awesome now. I'm so happy with it.  She's coming back this week possibly to help me with the rest of the house (bathroom and bedroom). I can't wait. :D It's so exciting to have a clean fresh house.  Here are a few pics of the area that we organized.

After much waiting, I also got my new tattoo Friday! :) I already talked about why I wanted it, what it means, a post a while back. Here's a pic of it:

Also!!  I ordered my Wacom Tablet with my birthday money!  My dad had sent me some money with a really pretty birthday card, which was just the right amount with my other b-day money that I received to buy the tablet! :) I'm excited.  I'll take pics of it when it gets here and when I get to practice with it I'll be sure to update.

Ok, well time to go clean the kitchen and bathroom now I guess.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Soy Milk and Birthday

So, unfortunately I recently discovered I have a sensitivity to milk products.  But it's only some of them... Cream in my coffee is ok so are most cheeses, but butter on anything, milk, yogurt, ice cream, and cottage cheese upset my stomach so bad with horrible cramps and give me terrible acid reflux.. So... sad to say I can't indulge in my favorite breakfast anymore which consisted of toast with eggs and cottage cheese on top... nor can I have ice cream which I loved... And I had just started drinking more milk and eating cereal again which I hadn't done in forever, but alas, no more... No, instead now I'm learning to enjoy soy milk.  It definitely tastes very different, almost like milk that has been sitting in cereal for a while. But it's not bad, just like two times more expensive as regular fat free milk.. and you only get half the product. :(
Because of my new found stomach problem, I have been on a health kick (more like thinking about being healthy rather than actually doing it in some cases, though). It has been difficult staying healthy however with my birthday being last weekend. 

Needless to say there was much Chinese food, Sushi, and lemon bars which were my replacement for a cake.  I had a pretty good birthday.. It's getting spread out into this week, however, because one of my presents is on hold until we can get things sorted out.
What I did get I was very happy with, to name a few things, I got a wind sock, a new shirt, some new shoes since my hand me down ones were pretty much worn completely out beyond recognition, some jewelry, a cook book, and many many more great gifts from my family. :)  I also got a decent amount of cash, which I have decided I will put toward a Wacom tablet.  The problem of course being that generally the good quality ones are an upwards of $300 or more, and well, I just don't have that kind of money.  Ever.  So I am doing a little research and Carson said he would talk to his brother about it since he knows more about tablets and computer art than either of us do... Hopefully I'll get one before it turns into a Christmas present instead. :/
Anyway, if anything new happens I'll be sure to write about it, until then, enjoy some pictures of me opening gifts and drinking coffee. :P


Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Probably the most epic live performance I have ever seen.

Everything about it was pretty much amazing.  If you haven't seen it, the next time it comes to a church near you, GO SEE IT.
The actors were awesome, the Aeriel Acrobat person was like the best part, the pyro technics were awesome, like seriously everything was so amazing!  Hands down this portrayal of the Jesus story is up there on my list of favorites right next to the Passion of the Christ movie. The only part that made it better for me was that they went through like the whole Bible (of course skipping some of the events for time sake and limited props and scenery), hitting the major parts we all remember.  There was no dialogue, which I loved, other than the narrator, Doubting Thomas, who added a bit of humor to the whole thing.  In place of the dialogue there was music all throughout pretty much the whole thing.  Again, never seen anything like it, would love to see it again when it comes around.
I feel really lucky that I was in Austin on my birthday yesterday.  the tickets were a GREAT birthday present from my mom. :)

2011 Thorn Trailer #1 from Thorn Productions on Vimeo.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Waiting for God's Promises

My baby Strider is feeling sick. :(
He had an accident in the hallway two days in a row and vomited three times yesterday.  Poor baby.  He's all curled up looking sad. Maybe it's the peanut butter Carson gives him to keep him quiet when he takes him out to potty.  Hmm, no more peanut butter for this baby. :(  I'll have to pick up some more dog treats next time I go to the store.

Anyway, now for the relevant part of this post. lol.
I was reading my new devotional bible last night and thought I would share, considering it seemed to hit home so well.
The subject of the devotion was "Promises Worth Waiting For".  It talked about the story of Abram, Sarai, and Hagar.. And about how Sarai took matters into her own hands when it came to having a child, and now we see the consequences of it even today with the Arabs fighting the Jews for control over Israel.  Eventually, however, God did fulfill his promise and blessed her with a child of her own.
The point is that God always keeps his promises, it just may not be in our timing.  Jeremiah 29:11-13 says "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."
God knows the desires of our hearts, and he wants to give us those desires if we will only wait for his perfect timing.
This was a really good read for me.  It's something I need to keep reminding myself to calm down and have patience.  I want that perfect marriage right now, I want that perfect house right now, and I want those perfect children right now! haha. Number one, nothing in life will ever be perfect. That however is another lesson for another day.  Number two, if God doesn't want me to have it RIGHT NOW, then I'm definitely not going to get it RIGHT NOW.  And if I decided to take matters into my own hands, the result will be years of heartbreak before God eventually turns it into a blessing.  I could do it that way... or I could just pray about all of it, work a little at a time and WAIT for God's perfect timing of his perfect plan for my life.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Personal Growth

I have no idea where to begin with this post it's ridiculous...
I can't even remember what I have already written about in the last few posts without going back and reading them.
First things first, I need to just get something out here... Marriage is probably the toughest thing I have ever gotten myself into. It can be SO good at times, yet SO SO bad other times. It's like what in the world did I get myself into!
Of course the problem is that I married an imperfect man, and he married an imperfect woman. :( This is something that we both were aware from the beginning, however these past few weeks it has been really difficult to accept that fact.  There are some other personal issues there, but we are taking steps to move forward and mend what has been broken.
Counseling in our church definitely helps.

On a sort of related note, Carson finally got me one of my Christmas presents he promised me (better late than never).
It's a new Bible with my new name on it.  I had one that my mom had gotten me about 2 years ago with my old last name on it, and that just wasn't going to cut it in my new married life.. So we finally bought a new one and had my new name imprinted on the cover. I love it. It's a Women's Devotional Bible and the cover is awesome. Of course it's not just the outside I like, it has a quick one page devotion for every day of the week, plus introductions for every book.  It actually makes me look forward to reading the Bible everyday, which has always been a bit challenging for me.

In other news, I have finally decided on a color for my hair that I would like to maintain.  I know I know I have been so hard on my hair these past few months, just change after change.. Well, I definitely want to keep the length of it and style for a long time, and now I want to keep the color.
Here it is in the bright sunlight...............................And then inside a well light room.

I think I am finally becoming comfortable with myself as a person and who I am growing up to be. I am no longer hiding and covering up who I am. Dying my hair and (hopefully) getting my new tattoo, are just two steps in this process. My mom's cleaning business is also growing, we just took on a new client, whom my mom will sometime in the near future turn over completely to me. I recently got in touch with an old friend from AIA about putting a decal (which I will be designing) on my mom's car advertising her business, and that ball will be rolling soon. She also loved my t-shirt design for our uniforms, so I will be making more of those as well, great for her business and also for my portfolio.
I would also like to get more involved in my church.. It will be kind of difficult because it is so far away from where we live, and I am still shy and socially awkward, but I really think it would be a good thing for me and for my marriage.

I hope to keep up with my blogging more often.  It just got away from me with all the drama going on.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Final Logo Design

Here are the final logo designs for my mom's cleaning business!
The design for our uniforms and the work in progress pictures are on my Creative Blog:
Go check it out! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Princess Patti's Patio Party!

I would like to update you on the party for my mom!

As you may remember, my sister and I were going to be doing something special for my mom's 60th birthday.  Well, we decided to throw her a surprise party.  We invited a few of her close family friends and my sister thought of a good excuse to get her over to her apartment, where we had the whole thing set up in the covered patio area by the pool.  It of course didn't go EXACTLY as planned, and the decorations began falling down right after she arrived... but at least she enjoyed herself, which is all that matters. :)
The theme was super girly, and the colors were all pink black and white. Here are a few pics of the decorations:

We also made her a scrapbook of the highlights of her life so far.  Both Chris and I picked out the pics we wanted and the background paper and the cover art and the album itself, then I took it home and put it all together. She loved it. It got passed around a few times at the party :)  I was happy she liked it so much. Here's some pics of the cover, the pages and an example finished page:

It took quite a long time put together, and it had a few bumps in the road along the way, but all and all it was a great success!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Can't Get Enough Change

I got a new hair cut (yet again), and dyed it red and dark purple.
So far haven't been able to get a good picture of it yet, but here is a decent one..
The cut I am absolutely thrilled with.  I honestly can say I don't want it to get any longer than this anymore. I love it.  The color however, I am still working to perfect.  I was going for a drastic two toned look, and the lady behind the counter at Sally's said that the dye I purchased should work beautifully on my hair. Well, it only took to the highlights.  Which is fine.  I just wish I would have known that before I bought the more expensive dye instead of the cheap stuff.  What I imagined was red in the front (bangs and front side pieces) and purple in the back... What I ended up doing after testing out the colors and learning the purple was more of a black on my hair was doing only the bottom underneath layers in purple and the rest all in red... The problem with that is that for some reason the back and top of my hair didn't take to the red as well as the front did.. So back to plan A... I'm going to wait a few days, let it wash out a bit and start over, this time sticking to the original plan of purple in back and red in front.  Even if the purple is more of a black, it will still be more of a difference than how it is now..
On another "changing" note, My husband finally got me the diet plan, workout calendar, and the rest of the Power 90 videos.. So hopefully I can get started back on my workout plan and do it the right way this time, hmm?  That would be nice.
Summer's coming up and I WILL be ready for it, dang it!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let's Give This A Try

I made a second blog!  It will house all of my creativity and artwork, all of my graphic designs, jewelry, and photography.  Possibly even a drawing/painting or two. :)
So, if you are interested in the creative part of my life, feel free to follow me there as well.
This blog will now be for my personal life (I will of course continue updating this one with a few creative things here and there, it's impossible to separate it from my everyday life completely).
So yeah! Just thought I would share.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yay! I Get My Fix

I'm getting a new tattoo! :D
I have been wanting a new one for a while now, and have been thinking so hard as to what I want the design to be.  I knew that I needed to keep it small because the bigger you go, the more money it costs..  I also knew that I wanted something having to do with my faith as a Christian.  I thought it was kind of weird that I have two tattoos already and neither of them reflect the most important thing in my life.
So, last night I had this dream about getting a new tattoo.  I had drawn up this design, it was so simple but also effective.  It gets the point across. In my dream I was getting it on my left wrist.  Which I already knew I wanted one there to compliment the one on my right..
So, I woke up and drew up the design on the computer and asked Carson if it would be ok if I get another tattoo (he hates them and didn't want me to get anymore).. Surprisingly he said "Alright, it can be your birthday present" YAY!  As of right now I'm getting the one from my dream and it's going on my wrist.  My birthday is however about a month away so who knows, I may play with it and make it better.
I do want to keep it simple though. I am a very simple person, my style is simple, and my designs are always simplified.  And I love black tattoos, so that's what it's going to be.
Here is the design.
The verse is Colossians 3:17 "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."
You know, the more I think about it, it's really a good idea to tattoo my left wrist.  I am going to be totally transparent here for a minute.  When I was a young teenager, I used to cut my wrist.  It was my left wrist that took all the abuse considering I am right handed.. Isn't it just too fitting that now, as an adult, I know the love of Christ and I try my hardest to do only things that are pleasing to the Spirit. On the same wrist I used to curse God, I am putting a permanent mark of my faith in Him.  I thought that was a cool idea. :)
Also, everyone always notices the tattoo on my right wrist and asks about it, to which I really don't have much to say about it.  It was done on impulse and doesn't really have much meaning behind it.. It would be nice to actually have a tattoo that I can talk about and that has a good message attached to it.
Again, it might change a little bit in a month, but that's the basic idea of the design.
Just thought I would share.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Few Small Updates

Nothing really major has happened in my life lately, only a handful of little things all at once.
As I mentioned before my mom's birthday is coming up (St. Patrick's Day), and my sister and I are planning something special for her.  Which definitely has taken up most of my time lately.  She has no idea, but I can tell she suspects something.  While we were cleaning at a client's house this past Saturday, she mentioned how her friend is planning a birthday party for herself.  Then she said that if Christi and I were doing anything for her, it would be ok if I told her, she wouldn't mind knowing.  To which I said "Ok, good to know." And left it at that. *sneaky*
Well, I tell you that to tell you this.. Apparently I am on an accidentally-breaking-things streak.  I was working on a present for my mom the other day and of course just my luck, it broke.  I took a picture of it, still don't really want to reveal exactly what it is yet, however you could probably figure it out from the picture..  I never knew glass could be sooo sharp though. :(  As i was cleaning it up I barely tapped my hand against the edge and it cut me.  I still have a mark from it! lol.

The breaking things streak didn't stop there.  I recently had an appointment with my eye doctor, however I ended up having to go to a different doctor because my doctor passed away like less than a week before my appointment.  She had a strand of the H1N1 virus.  So I go to the new eye doctor (who was a close friend to my dr.), and sure enough, my eyes have changed.  My astigmatism in my left eye is in a different location now, and my right eye has gotten more near sighted.  Sooo, that means new glasses time!
After going through and trying on literally EVERY pair of frames that were under 68 bucks, I found some really cute ones for $25! great price in my opinion.  So, I pick them up a few days later put them on, everything's great.  I take them off and go about the rest of my evening... Well, I get home that night and go to put them on again to get on the computer... and the arm snaps off like a twig. D:  I felt sick.  It was too late to go back that night.. So the next day I take them in and the lady fixes them for me no problem.  Now I'm like super paranoid that they are going to break again, so I like barely touch them, and open the arms like soooo slowly. lol.
The pic to the left is totally not how I wear them lol Just being silly.  There is a real pic on facebook. :)
Getting another hair cut soon.  It's getting too long again.  I'm seriously considering dying it dark red.  Haven't had it red in years and I'm starting to get the itch for change. Maybe deep burgundy with "natural" looking high lights, like the ones i have now.. We'll see.
So, to update on this matter.  Eva, if you are reading this I have taken your advice and I bought and read that book you suggested for me about natural birth control.  I have only been off the pill for a few weeks, but already I feel like 100% better.  I began charting about four days ago, and I have to say, taking my temperature every morning is a bit of a hassle that I have to get used to.  For some reason my body keeps waking me up at like 6 am every morning, and wont let me get back to sleep.  So that's when I have to do it, and I end up waking Carson up, and then he's grumpy.. yeah.. It's going to take some getting used to definitely.  But I'm excited about this alternative to putting chemicals in my body.

In other news I am feeling a definite need to start creating things again.  I took a few pictures of Strider before his last bath and I got one good one.  This of course has sparked an interest in Photography again.  lol Here we go with hopping from one thing to another again... Anyway I'll leave you with a picture of a scared Strider in the bath tub.
Enjoy. :)

Oh! and real quick, just putting it out there cause if I say it then it holds me accountable to keep at it, we are getting back into church again.  It has been quite a while (like over a month) since we have been, but we are deciding to be consistent with it from now on.  So yeah, just had to say that.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I Promise I Haven't Left

I just have so much going on right now that I haven't been able to sit down in peace and type out a proper update.
My mom's birthday is coming up.. My sister and I are doing something special and secret for her, which I wont even post here until after her birthday JUST in case she finds her way here and reads this. :)
Oh my gosh, there is so much I want to update on, but I really just don't have the time tonight.. I need to get to bed soon, getting up early tomorrow to go to a cleaning job with my mom.  I'm totally going to type out a quick outline in a note pad or something to help me to not forget what all I want to cover in my next post.  Hopefully I can find time tomorrow night to sit down and post the complete update of the past week.
I also have been reading the updates on the blogs I follow, so if I didn't leave you a comment yet, trust me I will when I get the chance. :(
Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day and evening full of cleaning, shopping, my step niece's basket ball game, and dinner at my mom's place..  Yikes, Better get some sleep.

Friday, February 18, 2011

One Step Forward...One Step Right Back

There are a couple areas in my life this post is about.. Brace yourself, it's going to be a long one.

Heath & Fitness

First of all I need to admit that I have been doing HORRIBLE on my diet and exercise program.  Right after my wedding I had made a goal that I would lose 20 pounds and I would do it by eating healthy home cooked food and exercising at least 20 minutes each day for 3 to 5 days out of the week.  At first I was doing pretty good. Just a few weeks ago my sister bought us a scale so I could weigh myself accurately and I was so happy to see that I only had 8 pounds to go to my goal weight.  I thought no problem, I got this.  I'll be ready for swim suit season in no time!  Well... Unfortunately I got on the scale today after my work out and I have actually gained 5 pounds back..
I feel like crap.  I know it was all my fault, I have totally let myself slip.  A lot of it had to do honestly with my recent lack of self motivation in every department and my erratic ups and downs with my mood. 

We also have been consuming a lot of fast food lately.. Which is something that I definitely don't condone and have never really like to do.. It's just so easy. And it's nice not having to grocery shop this week because of it.. But it is definitely taking a toll on my body.  Another reason I have been ok with this behavior is because it just takes so long to prepare food and I know that's not a good excuse, but just sometimes you feel lazy, you know?  And things are going one and food is like the last thing on your mind and it's just so much easier to have your husband go through that drive through and pick some yummy but oh so unhealthy food and sodas.  Ugh, the sodas are the worst.  I am addicted to Pepsi and Coke.  Like bad.  Like I could seriously drink it all day..
Ok, getting back on track.. The food isn't 100 percent to blame here.. I also haven't been living up to my 3 to 5 days of working out a week.  These past 3 to 4 weeks I have been working out about.. 0 to 2 days a week... Not exactly what my goal was.
So.. That has been my HUGE unfortunate step back.. I now have 13 pounds to lose before summer instead of 8. :(

Work & Fear

In this department there has been a very very small step forward.  I might have mentioned that my mom has commissioned me to clean her house 2 days out of the month.  It doesn't seem like much, but it's definitely better than nothing at all.  Well, yesterday was my first day cleaning her house and it was a breeze.  She is a very clean lady and because she's my mom she said I could have a Coke (there we go with the cokes again) and eat lunch while I was there. :)  It's a pretty sweet gig, I might say.
The most stressful part of the whole thing was the driving.  I know I know, it's weird and pathetic that I am afraid of driving.. But I really really can't help it. :(  Because we only have one car I have to take Carson to work in the morning, then drive to my mom's place, then back home.  Then in the evenings I have to go pick him up from work on those days.  Luckily it's only 2 days out of the month.  But I just get so so so so stressed driving in 4:30 or 5:00 traffic..  I have the same problem driving to my two other cleanings a month that I do in the evenings.  I'm not going to give up my cleanings or anything just because of the driving, but I have to find some way to get over this fear.  It's like overwhelming..
One step in the right direction is my eye exam I have scheduled for tomorrow morning.  Hopefully I can get an updated prescription and will be able to focus more when I do drive. 
So that's a step forward.

And then with my jewelry situation I feel like I'm hanging in limbo.. I still don't have that bank account cleared out to set up a pay pal account.. So I can't sell anything that I have yet.  I haven't made anything new because my motivation is a little on the low at the moment with everything else going on.
And as strange as it sounds I can't seem to find the time to make myself sit down and make something. :/
It's like I have so many things I want to be doing right now and I just can't seem to get them all straightened out with each other.
Off to clean the kitchen and peel potatoes for dinner tonight.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Graphic Growth

I was feeling graphic designy again tonight, so I decided for a little practice and to just mess around for fun I would make a poster about me, much like the poster I made and printed for Carson.  I decided to push the limits a little with this one... Here it is.

The colors are slightly off but that's just from converting it to a jpeg from the pdf file.
I am pretty pleased with it and am excited to practice with other subjects as well.  I think I'm finding that I really like playing with words and type.  I used to really hate it.

I also really hope that me doing this doesn't look egotistical or self-satisfying or anything, because that's not at all how I feel about it.  If anything it can serve as a reminder that I don't suck, and I am good at somethings.  It's also kind of a motivation for me to keep improving my graphic design.  I don't want to be comfortable with where I am whether it's with my designs, my jewelry, or my walk with God.  I would love to always keep growing and improving in all areas of my life.  As sad as it may sound, this poster is probably the best piece of graphic design work I have done so far... at least in my opinion... And because of that I want to view it as a record to break so to speak.

That actually reminds me of this really cool Christian book I read called "Wild Goose Chase" by Mark Batterson.
I would give a summary of it, but I'm really bad at summaries.. So here's a link to the books website. lol..
Check it out :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Roller coaster

Ok, first of all I'm sorry I haven't been posting at all lately.  It has been one thing or another that has just kept me from sitting down with my thoughts long enough to type them all out.  Some days I had too many thoughts and it was all stuff that I can't really share with the public.
One thing that we have decided that will hopefully help me to not be sick or tired or depressed so much anymore is to stop taking the birth control pill.  The pill has always given me trouble, I was on it in the past for regulating my periods, and it was horrible.  When I got married I thought "ok, I'll try that again, I'm older now and it's a different kind of pill, maybe it'll be fine this time."  No. Not fine at all. No matter how hard or often I work out or how little I eat, I can't seem to lose weight, I feel tired all the time and my mood swings have never been off the charts this bad.
So, step one before I attempt the dreaded psychiatrist (I've had bad experiences in the past), is to get off the pill and see if it helps me.

Alright, my Valentine's Day... it was... well, a roller coaster.
It started out terribly.  Carson and I had gotten into a huge fight the night before, and couldn't resolve it all day cause he was gone at work.  So my day sucked. After he came home (empty handed might I add) we immediately addressed the issue of the fight and that problem was solved pretty quickly.  Then I asked why he didn't have anything for me for Valentine's day.. See, what had happened earlier was he had called me right before leaving the office and asked if I had received anything yet that day, and I said no, why? SO then he told be about the flowers I was supposed to be getting.  I told him to check his email, maybe there was a mistake, he did, and sure enough the email said "could not be delivered on this date".  SOoooo, I was expecting that after that he would have like stopped at HEB or something and at least picked me up a dollar box of chocolates or something, right? Wrong, so as my Valentine's gift on actual Valentine's day, we ended up watching a movie that I really enjoy (Little Shop of Horrors), and he had never seen.  He's not really into musicals, so it really was a gift for me :)
I gave him his present which was a heart shaped box of Reese's (his fav), a Printed out 11x17 glossy version of the poster I had made for him which is posted in my "Ode To My Husband" blog post, and I had made a "card" on the computer that he now has as his computer screen background...

We decided to have a Valentine's continuation the next day (yesterday), and he reordered the flowers to be delivered then.
We also were all set to use this awesome Johnny Carino's gift card my mom had gotten us for V-day as our special dinner since we didn't have one the night before.  You would think after the previous days disaster nothing could go wrong again, right? Wrong. The flowers never came again... I informed him of this right before he left work and he called them to cancel the order.  I'm already starting to feel a little down in the dumps, when he comes home with flowers in hand.  He had stopped at HEB on the way home.  I was so happy!  He also had brought me this cute mug with candy all in it!

The mug was my favorite part, he knows me so well. :)
The only thing that would have made it more perfect is if it wasn't pink, if it was like orange and yellow, or blue or something. But he said the only colors they had were pink and red, and I hate red, so he made a good choice.
So! Just when things are looking up, and I'm finally having a good V-day! The unthinkable happens.  We are all dressed up ready to go to dinner and I ask "Where's the gift card?" That's right, folks. We lost the gift card... WE FELT SOOO BAD. :(  We searched everywhere for 3 hours over and over and over again, we even drove to his office just in case he had taken it there and left it and nothing.
It was horrible, I had to call my mom and ask her if there was any chance she might have ended up with it, and sure enough, no.. She wasn't mad at us just disappointed that we didn't get to use it.. Carson was mad at himself cause he was the last one to have it before it disappeared and I felt horrible cause I'm usually so good about those kinds of things and not losing them. :(  The only place we think it could have ended up was being accidentally dropped out of Carson's pocket when he was walking the dog the night we got it, or it accidentally got thrown in the trash some how, and he had already taken the trash to the dumpster... He even went so far as to go look in the dumpster, but there were like 30 trash bags more than when he had originally thrown ours in.. It's no use. It's gone. The good news is that if we do eventually find it, it doesn't expire, so we will have a free dinner then. lol.
So what we ended up doing instead was going to chick fil a, ordering a ton of food and two huge sodas, we bought some jack and had a good ole time enjoying our food and drinks watching Big Love in our pj's in our living room.  So, it ended pretty happy..  I think the biggest lesson we learned was how not getting upset at each other in a really frustrating situation is really helpful. :)

So that was our Valentine's Day.  And here I sit, drinking my coffee out of my new mug and trying not to worry about the cleaning I have tomorrow and on Saturday after my eye exam.  I'm pretty sure my glasses prescription is just a little out dated (it's 4 years old)... Considering I can't judge the depth or see signs clearly when I'm driving, even with my glasses on, I think it's time for a check up. lol.
I'm off, it's laundry day and I have a lot to wash.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Insomnia Again?

This is the second night in a month that I haven't been able to sleep.  

I went to bed about 11:00... Everything was fine, I fell asleep fairly quickly with no problems, then around 12:30, Carson went to bed and woke me up somehow (it might have been Strider making noise that actually woke me up, whatever it was I was up at 12:30)... I tried to go back to sleep but for some reason my body couldn't get comfortable anymore.  I laid in bed for 30 mins, got up played a video game, felt a little sleepy, went back to bed for about 10 mins, and I'm up again.  Wide awake.  This is ridiculous.  There's like no reason I should be awake right now.  I definitely don't sleep in like crazy and I have a pretty regular sleeping routine.. :/  The last time this happened was January 16th.  That night I had fallen asleep for about and hour and a half before I woke up and ended up staying awake watching TV and eating sunflower seeds until about 5:30 am before finally crashing.  It was so weird.. Then again, I'm pretty sure that time had something to do with me being sick, as I was very nauseous that night and was having shoulder pains.
I really don't like this.. I was so looking forward to sleeping tonight, I was all excited to cuddle up under the covers and sleep all warm and cozy.. But noooooo.  :(

In other news (I might as well update, since I'm awake and all), we got the results today for the Austin Fire Department written exam that Carson took a few weeks ago.  He didn't make it. :(  He doesn't want to make a big deal about it, so he's not going to post anything on Facebook.. He said he just wants people to figure it out eventually and move on.  The bright side is that now he can focus easier on his EMT studies.. Unfortunately he wouldn't have needed to do that if he had made it into Austin.  Oh well.. God had a reason for it, I'm sure.. and there's always next year.  And I'm sure by the time he finishes his EMT (which at the latest will be May) there will be a department somewhere around here hiring.

I haven't given up on my jewelry, I just haven't made anything new in the past few days.  The necklace I gave my grandma broke, so that has discouraged me a bit.. but I fixed it and I just need to do more research on materials so it wont happen again to another one of my pieces.
I also will start cleaning my mom's place regularly next week for some extra cash to help us out.  Seeing as I only currently have two cleanings a month that I do with her, it's not much money, and her offering to pay me to clean her house really will help us out a lot.  I'm due to start paying back my student loans this March.. So that will be interesting.. I currently have only enough for about 6 months of payments saved up.. :(  Definitely not even close to covering what this total expense will be.  I have faith though that it will all work out.
So, that's my money situation update..

And I feel like I'm rambling on and on so I will go play WoW or watch tv or something until I crash.  Good night, hopefully.

Monday, February 7, 2011

So Different

I am craving a new tattoo... Like bad.  lol.
I don't know what to do, though. Carson hates tattoos and he's already putting up with the two I already have.  But I really really want like two more..  I have talked about it with him and he doesn't want me to get anymore, but I just can't imagine not getting at least one more..
I also am really feeling like dying my hair something drastic.. I know I just got highlights and I love them, but I'm just really feeling like rocking red or purple hair for some reason.. Again, Carson is more into the natural look, but I'm just really craving it.. Don't know what to do. :(
You know... We really don't have much at all in common.
He hates the music I listen to... I'm so not into the shows and movies he likes, we have like 4 shows that we can watch together, Big Love, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Office, and Boy Meets World...And I had to force him to watch Big Love the first time. He likes to stay in and I like to go out and do things. I want to start a family soon, he wants to wait. I like going to church, and a lot of the time I get the feeling that he doesn't.  And of course, I like crazy hair colors and tattoos, and he absolutely doesn't. :(  It's really hard coexisting with someone who is so different than you.
On that note, I must say this past week has been a very very difficult one.  I hope this next one is better.
Sorry for the angst lately, man I need to like go do something fun to get me out of this funk.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Current Things That Are Going Through My Head

It snowed last night!  First thing I did this morning was go out on my balcony and take pictures, then took some more from the breezeway.  :)  Finally this freezing weather pays off.  It's not much snow, but it's so pretty.  I was all excited to take Strider out in the snow for his morning potty, but then I asked Carson if he had ever seen snow before, and unfortunately he said yeah.  Apparently when they had lived in Idaho they walked him for a brief period of time before the litter box years.  So my enthusiasm disappeared and Carson took him out. :(

When it snows it really really brings back memories of my old dog, Maggie.  We used to put little sweaters on her and she HATED going potty in the snow. lol.  Poor thing. I so took her for granted. It's been like 2 years since we had to put her down but sometimes I still think I'll see her when I go to my mom's house.

Speaking of dogs, our dog, Strider did the rudest thing he has ever done.  Ok, number one I have never seen this dog scoot his bottom on the floor ever, which is weird because pretty much all dogs do it at one point or another.. However, last night he had just gotten back in from his night time potty with Carson, and he jumped up on the couch all happy and excited. 
I was like "Good boy! Who's a good boy? Come here, Bubby!" and he immediately proceeded to scoot his rear end right along the first pillow I ever made in my high school family development class... and yes, it left a stain. It made me SO mad. I scrubbed it and scrubbed it with Clorox wipes and finally got it out, but needless to say Strider is grounded from the couch for a long while... It was so defiant of him!  Like he was looking right at me when he did it. :|  Not cool.  I swear sometimes I see a spark of evil in him. lol.

Anyway, today is my grandma's 87th birthday.  We were going to celebrate it next weekend, however she was just in the hospital for minor reasons the other night so we all figured it would be better to go ahead a celebrate it tonight.  We are all going over to her house tonight for catfish and cake. :)  I'm excited to give her the necklace I made her.  We also got her a pink house dress and a small stuffed giraffe.  I know she'll like it.  I hate to say it but this might be one of her last birthdays where she will actually know what's going on.  Her mind is definitely going fast.  She has had Parkinson's since she was about 80 and a list of other minor things like depression and anxiety, etc.. Her body is still pretty healthy, it's her mind that's going. It's going to be a good birthday.

Speaking of birthdays (I'm actually having a harder time than it seems transitioning though these random topics) I hope that someone gets me a deck of cards for my birthday this year...
It's been a while since I got a new one for my collection.  Yes, little known fact about me, I collect playing card decks.  I have somewhere around 40 right now, and haven't gotten a new one in at least 2 or 3 years.  I have no idea why I like them, I just do.  I have no plans to sell them, or display them even, I just like having them. lol. In fact they are hidden away in a decorative box where no one would even know they exist except people who know me well. :/  Just thought I'd share.

And I really can't think of a segue to this next topic, but I have found my new favorite Fabreze scent!  New Zealand Natural Spring. OMG, it smells like what heaven must smell like, well to me anyway.
I might need to buy like a bunch of these so I can spray it all over my house all the time.
Everyone go out and buy one it smells amazing..
Ok, I'm done now, I'm sure there are more things I could think of to talk about, but I really need to get started with my day.