Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bummed Out, Jewelry, and a Cool Video

Feeling Bummed Out:

It has come to my attention that frequently (and lately it's been more frequent) I fall into these bouts of mild depression.  Now, I know that depression is normal and everyone has their highs and lows.  The thing that mildly concerns me is that I have been having more lows than highs.

I am currently coming out of this low that I've been in for the past week (which coincidentally coincided with my "time of the month")  and am climbing towards my inevitably short lived high.  In my low periods generally consist of reliving old unhealthy habits, lack of or too much sleep, fear of going anywhere (even walking the dog), crying excessively for seemingly no reason (the true reasons being irrational, exaggerated, abstract thoughts about myself or human kind in general), neglecting my chores and even my recreations, and frequent lashing out at my husband.  I guess this is all normal considering that my life has in fact changed dramatically over the past year or so (especially in the past two and a half months).  It is still distressing sometimes.  I don't want to wake up 5 years from now and say "wow, I wasted my life being afraid to live."  This isn't a woe-is-me post at all, don't misunderstand.  It's more for me to just get it out than anything else.  It seems when ever I want to talk about how I feel to anyone, they don't understand, or I have trouble forming the words that match what's in my head.  So I remain alone with my thoughts.
Ok. I'm finished talking about this.  It's ugly and it feeds my mood.


In keeping with my commitment to continue updating about this, I have a few more completed pieces.
Here is my first completed set, bracelet, necklace, and earrings, made from nylon string instead of fishing wire.  We will see how it holds up.  The inspiration was actually those little rine-stone looking stars.  They were in with some beads and other items that were given to me last year when I first started making accessories. I had no clue what I use them for, I had thought about key chains, cell phone charms, but for some reason, never earrings.. Well, yesterday I decided that I would focus on making more earrings since I hadn't made any in a long time.  So I just said what the heck, and made them into earrings.  From there the "celestial" theme was born.  The necklace came together, then bracelet.  I'm sure someone somewhere will like them enough to buy them.  I still need to probably wear them around a bit just to make sure the nylon string holds up to being worn.

I also managed to slap together these, what I like to call "industrial dream-catcher" earrings.  I found the earring base at hobby lobby, and had no clue what I would do with it but bought it anyway.  Yesterday I was toying around with it and stumble across some old feather charms I had bought almost a year ago and had used some on another pair of earrings back then.  Everything clicked from there.  Metal feather, metal hoops with beads on them, to me it looks very modern.  I like them and hopefully someone else will also.

And my last latest piece is a necklace that was born from an old cellphone charm that someone had made and given me to take apart.  I was ready to leave it as a cellphone charm, but then realized that it was a little too bulky.  So I used it as the pendant on this necklace.  Also strung on nylon.  I will probably not make earrings or a bracelet to go with this.  I'm not particularly happy with this one at all actually.  Carson says it's pretty, but I think he's just being encouraging.  Hopefully someone will want it eventually. :)

Cool Video Time:

So, this video was posted on my facebook wall by this really awesome lady, Beth.
It pretty much speaks for itself.

Not many people might like it, but it kind of puts things into perspective, and surprisingly cheered me up a little bit (it also saddened me a bit as well, but it's a good kind of sad I think).


  1. So, first of all (as I'm sure you have already recognized) I get the same way. Especially with fearing that I will wake up to find that I wasted my life depressed and too afraid to take big steps that would have had me in a better place than I am. It's confusing, and I'm definitely thinking about bringing it up with my doctor soon... just to see what non-medicated steps I can take to make it less frequent.
    You. are. so. awesome.
    You're jewelery is so much fun! I love the first necklace and the dream catcher earring, but the last necklace is sure to find a good home too! I'm looooooving your creations so far! Keep it up. Also, have you considered creating and Etsy account? There are also some pretty cool bead vendors and whatnot on there.
    The video was interesting, though I gotta say that he interviewed a lot of people in the beginning that seem sorta... inebriated? So I feel like their answers were very ill-inspired. I was going to put out my thoughts, but I don't know that I'm comfortable posting it outside of my mind or conversation. It just seems too bold, and I respect individuals beliefs and will do everything not to cause friction. Definitely a good video though, and I think if people could handle actually looking at what they do on a day to day basis that goes against God's law, without getting defensive and saying "I don't care" this would help people get their consciousness back where is should be. People have gotten too comfortable denying God and even though I found the video a little too extreme, it needs to be said because people simply no longer care that they are engaging in immoral acts on a regular basis without a care in the world.
    Thanks for sharing, Sara. :)

  2. (for my liking)* should be after a little too extreme. ;)

  3. Hey lady! Cool you posted the video. That is my brother doing the interviewing. He is an evangelist no doubt. He is fearless too. main thing I think to look at tho, no one on the video was offended. We get scared that we will offend, specially talking about Hell. But no one was, maybe alcohol had something to do with that maybe no, but God knows the heart eh? I love watching it cause it reminds me that time is short!
    About your sadness. Not to make it lighter, but it maybe your personality too. I am the same and have come to conclude that I will always be a little sad. Even when I am happy. Make sense? Thinking about you tho and know you are amazing!

  4. Lindsey, yeah, sometimes I think we were separated at birth. lol.
    I'm trying really hard not to go to the doctor about my mood swings.. It seems like every time I go to the doctor they tell me I'm fine and it turns out to be a wasted visit with a waste of money. I'm sure my birth control pills have something to do with it as well..
    Anyway, thank you so much, you always have such nice things to say about my jewelry. :) It really helps keep me going with it. And I think I had looked into Etsy at one time before, but that was waaay back before I was super serious about it. I will definitely look into it. thanks.
    And as far as the video goes, I agree that it is definitely extreme, and I personally like that about it. It makes me feel like I wish I could be that bold. And I also know that not everyone responds well to that kind of hardcoreness, and that's ok. :)
    All and all, it's whatever it takes to get people to open their eyes that they aren't "safe" and that they should really care about it. I'm glad we are on the same page with the basic point of it, though.

  5. Beth, your brother is definitely an awesome person. I could never imagine myself being that bold. Especially around drunk people. lol. And you're right, it is pretty crazy how many people didn't get offended and walk away, they stayed and answered the questions. I think if you evangelize the right way, where you aren't mean about it, people will respond better. And your brother definitely has it down in my opinion. He's firm, but nice about it. :)
    You know, I have never thought about my being sad that way... Maybe it is just how I am. Hmmm, that's definitely something to think about. :)
    Thinking about you as well, lady. Excited that you are coming back to Austin!