Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creative Juices Are Flowing

So, I was feeling pretty creative today.
There were a lot of things I didn't get to do that I wanted to do because of lack of time.  I wanted to make some jewelry, work on some more posters, draw, finish cleaning the house, and work out...
Well... pretty much the only thing I got to do today was work on some posters. I'm going to work out right after I post this blog and will end up frantically cleaning the living room while cooking dinner before I leave to go to a cleaning job at 5:30.  I also have to catch up on the yesterdays chapter and today's chapter in this work book Carson and I are doing together called The Love Dare.  I somehow got behind on it...
I do, however, feel pretty good about what I did actually accomplish today, even if it doesn't seem like much.
First of all I was feeling very stressed out today considering all that I had to do today on top of getting the repayment statement for my student loans in the mail.. So I decided to make myself a "Chore Chart" to at least get myself organized with that aspect of life..
In this chart, I have the basic chore written at the top for each day, Friday being a free day where if there is something to do I will do it, but it's mostly a "fun day".  Saturday and Sunday are days where I will just "tidy up the house", not actually "clean" anything unless necessary.  The blank spaces are where I can put a check mark and also fill in anything extra I decided to do that day, or need to remind myself to do that isn't part of the "basic chores".  Laundry is an example, however it will generally be grouped in with bedroom day.

The other creative thing that I accomplished today was making a poster that has been in my head for a while now, I just hadn't had the drive to sit down and do the tedious task.  The idea was to fit as many names of Jesus as possible into the shape of a cross but with it still being legible.  I am aware that this has already been done before, but I assure you that I didn't look at any reference (only the names).  Here was the result.
There are many more names that I didn't manage to fit on here that I wanted to, but I think I covered the well known ones at least.  Originally I had wanted to do it with all different colors, or monochromatic with different shades of the same color for each name.  However, the more I thought about it, and we are taught that the truth is black and white.  There is no gray area.  So I figured that's the way I would do it.. Also I think it has more of an impact, being that black and white are the most powerful colors, and have the highest level of contrast.

After making the poster I decided to take it farther, as I always do, and I designed a simple T-shirt to match.
I would love to be able to actually have this printed on a T-shirt, however I don't have the money or knowledge on how to do this.  This is the time when I wish I was involved in my church or a group of some kind where they could use it. :(  Oh well, it was just for fun anyway.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be more efficient with my time and can get back to things I have been neglecting.

[I share these things in my blog because I am trusting the people who read it to not steal any of my ideas or any of my work.. It is a huge fear of mine that I will be so proud of something I did and then will find it the next day being exploited or illegally used on a website or someone else will make money off of it.  If anyone would like a copy of any of my pieces of art work, I will be glad to sign my name on a copy and email it to you.  Thank you for understanding.]

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