Friday, January 21, 2011

A Double Update

So, I haven't written much about Carson's life updates because, well this blog was supposed to be for and about me mostly.  Considering we're married, it's difficult to not include him some of the time as his life effects my own.  So, a peak into my husbands life..
Last August Carson had gone to the Fire Academy training camp for two weeks and successfully completed the course after only a few months of studying, doing the worksheets, and taking the tests at home.  I have to say he did a fantastic job in a crazy small amount of time.  Then there was the wedding, then Christmas, one thing after another making it easy to put off starting the Basic EMT course.  After everything settled down and the new year was here he began his course.  What he thought would be similar to the Fire Protection course... Well, lets just say it's like a billion times harder.  We all had major confidence that he could finish the at home course in two months and be on his way to the on site training come March.  And you know, what?  I really believe that he could do it, no doubt.  However, the amount of hours he would have to be studying and the amount of stress it would put on not only him but our small family would be mind boggling.  The reason he was trying to rush so fast is because, well, we need the good paycheck that will come when he does get a job at a station, and new expenses are coming really soon.  However, thank goodness for his boss, Thomas.  He informed Carson that all will be well, and there would be much more work for them and opportunities to make money in the upcoming months so he could relax a bit.  He also suggested that Carson push back the date of his on site training (which is something we all have been saying would be ok if he did) because the stress of trying to do this in that small amount of time would effect the marriage.  I couldn't agree more.  I'm not going to lie, there are times I am jealous of Carson having such an awesome friend, but he really does need it.  If I really think about it I would rather have it that way.  He deserves to have some fun at work and to have a really cool boss.  That's how he does his best work, if the motivation and environment are good and relaxed.
Anyway, he also just applied at Austin FD.  We just found out that he qualifies to take the written exam January 26th, along with like probably over a thousand other people lol.  It's a small achievement.  We are praying he makes it into Austin.  It's like one of the best departments and they pay you to go through training instead of you having to pay like everything else.  It would be nice to have him not have to go away for two weeks to train again.
You know, I'm really glad he is doing this.. Of course, I worried at first about him going for such a dangerous career, in fact when he first told me about his wanting to be a fire fighter I said no way. No way was I going to be one of those wives who has to worry if her husband is going to come home.  But you know, it must be a God given desire in him, because after a few weeks I came to him and said "If that's what you want to do, I trust you and I say go for it."  I have no idea why I was ok with it just out of nowhere.  I guess because anyone can die at any time.  Everyone's job can be dangerous if you think about it... At least I'll know that my husband is the one going to HELP in a dangerous situation and not the victim whose trapped.  He'll be the one with training, and knowledge, and buddies who can back him up, and tools to survive.  Thinking like that definitely puts me at ease about the whole thing.
And that's pretty much the update of Carson's life..

Now back to my life. It's a little less exciting than his, but OH WELL. :)
So, I neglected my laundry and cleaning duties yesterday to have an outing with my sister, so today has turned from a free day into a catch up day.  We went to hobby lobby to price jewelry so I can compare it to online stores to see where I can get the best deal and therefore charge people less for the jewelry I'm making.  Yes, I'm definitely more serious about this than I have been in the past.  What I'm currently doing is building my inventory of jewelry (picking only a few designs and making a lot of different colors with those designs)  Later I'm sure I can redesign the way I do things and maybe organize it by color, however I don't have that many different colors of beads, so I'm doing by style with limited color options (thinking too far ahead, I know).
Anyway, so yesterday while we were at hobby lobby pricing beads, my sister starts like picking out these beads that she really likes and asks me if she buys them, will I make her a necklace.  Well, of course I'm going to say yes!  So that was my project last night.  I asked her if it was ok for me to make it in the new "slider" style, describing what it looks like, and she said yes, that she wanted something unique so that would be perfect. :) I'm excited.  I hope it doesn't fall apart.. This will be the first "slider" necklace that I've made that will be worn on a regular basis. I also bought what I thought was wire I would be able to use for my wrapped pendants, but apparently aluminum wire is VERY flimsy and extremely hard to get to keep it's shape or hold ANYTHING for that matter.. Ugh.
So on a different note.. my new Chore Chart is working out great!  I'm pretty ok with my schedule, I usually end up shuffling things around a bit if I don't feel like doing something one day, but the important thing is that everything gets done in a week that needs to.
As far as the graphic design thing goes, I haven't lost interest, just ran out of ideas at the moment.  The last thing I was working on was a small simple catalog for my jewelry.  I finished the brochure for Carson's work, Thomas just hasn't gotten back to me about which inside design he likes the best so I can start editing spelling and grammar so it can be printed. :(  I might just go ahead and decide for him cause I know he is busy and the brochure is probably the least of his concerns at the moment.
Ok, that's enough of an update I believe.


  1. Some of my "uncles" (they are technically, like, 3rd cousins or something) are firefighters, and it's a great profession to be in. I've actually gotten to see them put out a fire at this house down the street from my old church when I was like 6 or 7. It's crazy! Good for Carson to want to help people, that's so noble of him.
    Your necklaces are fantastic. I'm gonna have to buy some from you once you are ready to start selling. I love those colors too, by the way she picked some good beads. You did a great job of arranging them flawlessly! Love it!
    Best of luck to Carson during his testing. I can only imagine how difficult and competitive that can be!

  2. Thank you so much! You'll be one of the firsts to know when I start selling my accessories. :) Just gotta make enough of them first. lol.
    Yeah, I really don't think Carson would be completely happy with any other career but fire fighting. He just absolutely had a blast at the fire academy and he is so excited about learning all the EMT stuff. The stress is really the only downfall with the whole process. I'm confident he will make it through eventually, though. He's too determined. lol.