Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Serious This Time

Welcome 2011 - hope you are slightly less eventful than 2010.

2010 was a crazy crazy year. From the start of the year to the end of it, I have gone through a hand full of business ideas and ways to make money doing something I actually enjoy.

I tried everything from painting pet portraits, to making jewelry, to pet photography.  I even toyed around with photo editing and restoration.

All of which might have been pretty successful, if I knew how to appropriately advertise, and get over my irrational fear of people. Well, this year I am determined to do SOMETHING.  A whole year of starting things and giving up, a whole year of driving myself insane with boredom and cabin fever.

Don't get me wrong, I love being a "house wife" and doing all the wifely things every day, and I especially love being home when my husband gets home and having dinner either ready or almost ready.  I just have this overpowering feeling that I need to being doing something else with some of my time.

As of this month, I will continue to focus on my graphic design abilities, and build a portfolio of logos and flyers and whatever else.  Anything that I do for Carson's company I will put in my portfolio.  Anything that I just toy around with that turns out halfway decent, I will put in my portfolio (even if it's for companies that I just made up).  I want to be more serious with this than I have been with anything else that I have tried in the past. My first real step in this is to design myself a professional logo.  Yes I have played around with logos in the past, but I need one that is simple, and serious.
Here are a few variations I came up with one of which has a graphic that I'm not sure I can get to scale properly for different sizes.  Click on each one to see it separately for the full effect.

I am aware that pretty much all of my designs look similar and are all very very simplistic.  I don't, however, think that it's a bad thing.  I have been trying to branch out and try new things with font and color, however black and white still look the best to me.  "If you can make a strong design in black and white first, then you can play with color." that's what my most recent graphic design instructor had told me last summer. She also is the one I believe that got me so hooked on simplistic designs.  "Don't do more than you have to, keep in mind the point you are trying to get across and once you've done that, you're finished."  I hated hearing that.  I used to be someone who really liked to add all the bells and whistles into a design or image.  I must say, however, that my designs now are much much cleaner looking than before.  More professional.  That might be why they all look the same, I have found a style that I like, and it's hard to ignore it.
Here are a few more examples...

Kat Hemrich is the photographer who did our engagement pictures and our wedding pictures.  She had become sort of a friend of mine, as we talked more.  I thought it would be neat to play around with making a logo for her.  She didn't end up using it, or any of the others ones I made, but it was still good practice for my portfolio.

Blue Topaz Photography is a business name that I made up potentially for my photography business, if it ever happens.

Hendrix Realty is a made up company.  My husband's friend is going into realty as a career and his last name is Hendrix.. so I made a few logos.

Tntechnologies is the company that my husband currently works for (now full time) and is owned by his best friend.  They already have a logo, but that didn't stop me from having some fun.

One Blue Topaz was another potential company name for myself...

And last but not least, W.I.N.G.S. is the name of my mom's cleaning business.  I had made her that logo a few months ago, she didn't really like it, too "modern" for her and I had trouble adding color to it.  So it was a flop, but I still think is does have some qualities that are pleasing to the eye, so I'm keeping it.

If things take off I may end up creating a separate blog for all of my business info and updates.  As for right now, you few who actually do read my blog will just have to deal with these long erratic posts. lol.

On a separate note, I have been cooking more lately than I ever have in my life!  I had made black bean burgers that were pretty good,  some stir fry rice with tofu which I really liked a lot but Carson needed some chicken with.  And last night I made stove top chili for the first time ever.  It is meatless, and I was definitely expecting Carson to have a problem with it, but surprisingly he enjoyed it quite a bit.  I'm excited, I feel like a real wife now! :)


  1. Are you creative or what?! Really love the WINGS logo and the acronym or whatever it is called. :)