Friday, January 7, 2011

Kids and What Not

I took this from Lindsey's blog.
I find it hilarious that apparently although we both have dark hair and I have dark eyes, according to this website we will have blond haired and blue eyed babies. lol.
What's even funnier is the fact that both of these kids look nothing like the pictures I uploaded, but they look like they could be siblings.

It's like some random kids that they probably just randomly chose when you upload your pictures.
But, whatever, it's still fun to be silly sometimes.
HAHA, that kid so has Carson's hair cut when he was a baby though. xD Hilarity.

On the note of kids... I really hope I will be ready to have kids soon... I don't mean like physically or emotionally. I mean like mentally.  I am absolutely terrible with other peoples kids right now and I pretty always have been since I can remember.  I know that pretty much NO ONE is 100% ready for kids like ever.  Which is why everyone who gives advice on the matter says to just go for it, if you wait until you are "ready" you'll be waiting forever.
I know it's something that is far away (at least 10 more months before even the possibility to conceive), but it is something that I think about often.

For some reason kids just scare me.  They make me uneasy.  I think it's because they are always watching everything you do, and if you make any kind of mistake they will call you out on it.  Which has never happened to me personally, but I have seen it happen and it's a fear of mine every time I'm around kids.
The new years party we went to at Jenn and Thomas's (Carson's boss) house was really fun and stuff, but there was a point where I was spending time with all the kids... Which was perfectly fine, I didn't have a problem with it, I just feel really uncomfortable in those situations.  Kids seem to flock to me, I just don't really know how to respond... But that experience really made me think, "am I really mentally ready to have kids?"  Then I of course had to remind myself that it's not like you get pregnant and then 9 months later you have a 4 year old child to entertain.  It's a gradual thing..  I don't know, I'm just rambling now.   Carson's good with kids.. So at least one of us is somewhat prepared...


  1. Oh lady! The kid thing terrified me too and no you are never ready and yes it is very gradual and you will feel like you are doing everything wrong , specially when you watch other parents that seem to have it all together. I read a really good quote once that said something like this..."There is only one way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one!" And we know there is no such thing as a perfect one! When your kiddos come you will love them more than anything. Totally understand you thoughts tho!

  2. Thank you, Beth. This makes me feel a little better. I'm sure it will all make a little more sense when it happens. :)