Friday, January 14, 2011

Two New Jewelry Designs

The whole point of focusing on making jewelry again was to attempt to redesign my old jewelry to make it more appealing and durable.
However, I decided to try to actually create a few ideas I had come up with a while ago.
Here are two examples:

The first idea was to create a necklace without a clasp.  I had already made quite a few stretchy beaded ones that were long enough to slip over your head, but I wanted one that could maybe shrink back up somehow...

I ended up with a beaded necklace that had a toggle clasp loop on one end
and had the other end sliding through it with one decorative barrier bead stopping it from shrinking up too high, and another at the end of the string allowing it to expand to go over your head but not come completely apart. I am pretty pleased with the results.
I plan on making more like this in different colors and experimenting with different types of barrier beads. 

 It's a different look, but I think it could catch on.

Another new technique I attempted is only really new to me.  I have seen it many times before but have never had the patience to try it myself.  I really enjoy making stretchy bracelets the only problem being that there really isn't much variety.
When I first started this technique I was attempting to make small dangling earrings, however the beads started curling in on one another, so it didn't so much dangle as just balled up into a mass of brown beads.  So I though for a minute and realized that the only way it would lay flat was if it was pressed up against a flat surface.  So naturally it evolved into a tight stretchy bracelet.

I do find it kind of amusing as well that when you take it off and just lay it there it kind of looks like a scrunchy hair tie. Not what I was going for, but unique none the less.
I don't plan on making many more of these, as it takes forever and uses up quite a bit of beads with only satisfactory results.

I hope to keep coming up with new designs, and I will share them here as I make them. I have a few designs sketched up for variations of knitted scarves, so hopefully that will be evolving in the near future.

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