Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jewelry Update

I have made a few more necklaces, two of which I thought I would share on here. I am a little bit proud of them and really hope that they hold up to being worn so I can sell them.
Still waiting on Carson to clear out one of his old bank accounts so I can start using it for Paypal and can start selling. :)
I have set a goal for myself that I will make a few more necklaces, bracelets and earrings, then will start taking good photos of all of them, about 3 to 4 of each piece so I can be ready to post the items on Artfire once all the financial stuff is set up.
Anyway, here is the first necklace, it is one of the "slider" designs. I had bought the pendant last year to give to a friend in a collage I had made for her, unfortunately(or fortunately) that friendship ended before I could give it to her.  So just the other day I was looking around for more pendants to use on these necklaces and stumbled across the collage.  Perfect. I took the design of the tree and expanded on it with the colors of the beads.  Personally I think it looks very "earthy", which a lot of people are into right now, so I think it will do well and find a new home.
Here are some close ups of the necklace's different parts.
I have no idea what kind of metal the pendant is, which is probably something I should figure out just in case someone who is interested in buying wants to know.

Ok, next necklace.. This one gave me SUCH a hard time.  I got the idea yesterday when I was thinking about how I used to wear gauges in my ears for a long time but before my wedding I quit and my earring holes shrunk back down.  I can still fit up to a size ten in them, but it doesn't feel right anymore. 
So I was like, "what can I do to still get use out of my old gauges?"  And the necklace was born.  At first I thought it would be easy, just attach a loop onto the earring, string it and bead it, easy, right?  Wrong. I soon discovered that the earring slides all over the place and looks horrible that way.. So I added another loop.. then another and another until I came out with this.  Personally, I like it.  Not sure how long it will hold up considering the loops are cheap and really really easy to open and close.. So it might fall apart.. but if you're really careful with it, it shouldn't have a problem.
It is fixed with a toggle clasp, which I thought matched the style of the piece well.  All in all I am happy with it.  It was difficult and was definitely a challenge, but worth it.
And again, here are some alternate pictures. Enjoy.

So, that's my jewelry update as of tonight.
By the way it is FREAKING cold. Grocery shopping in 20 degree weather with like 10 degree wind chill is NOT fun at all. :(
Good Night!


  1. You are such a creative person, Sarah! The gauge idea is something that is just so cool. I love the chain around it too. I think you'd have a lot of people buying from you in no time. These are just turning out so cool. I am serious when I say I'd buy from you! These are getting better with every post. Please keep this going!
    I really love the more earthy one that you showed first. I am an earthy tone kind of person, so if I was to buy, it would probably be the first one. Though I can think of a handful of girls i know that would pull off the gauge.

  2. Thank you a ton! :D You always make me feel good about creative self. <3
    I will keep in mind earthy colors for you, when I sell to you. :)
    I still just need to figure out how to make them less breakable. :/