Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Roller coaster

Ok, first of all I'm sorry I haven't been posting at all lately.  It has been one thing or another that has just kept me from sitting down with my thoughts long enough to type them all out.  Some days I had too many thoughts and it was all stuff that I can't really share with the public.
One thing that we have decided that will hopefully help me to not be sick or tired or depressed so much anymore is to stop taking the birth control pill.  The pill has always given me trouble, I was on it in the past for regulating my periods, and it was horrible.  When I got married I thought "ok, I'll try that again, I'm older now and it's a different kind of pill, maybe it'll be fine this time."  No. Not fine at all. No matter how hard or often I work out or how little I eat, I can't seem to lose weight, I feel tired all the time and my mood swings have never been off the charts this bad.
So, step one before I attempt the dreaded psychiatrist (I've had bad experiences in the past), is to get off the pill and see if it helps me.

Alright, my Valentine's Day... it was... well, a roller coaster.
It started out terribly.  Carson and I had gotten into a huge fight the night before, and couldn't resolve it all day cause he was gone at work.  So my day sucked. After he came home (empty handed might I add) we immediately addressed the issue of the fight and that problem was solved pretty quickly.  Then I asked why he didn't have anything for me for Valentine's day.. See, what had happened earlier was he had called me right before leaving the office and asked if I had received anything yet that day, and I said no, why? SO then he told be about the flowers I was supposed to be getting.  I told him to check his email, maybe there was a mistake, he did, and sure enough the email said "could not be delivered on this date".  SOoooo, I was expecting that after that he would have like stopped at HEB or something and at least picked me up a dollar box of chocolates or something, right? Wrong, so as my Valentine's gift on actual Valentine's day, we ended up watching a movie that I really enjoy (Little Shop of Horrors), and he had never seen.  He's not really into musicals, so it really was a gift for me :)
I gave him his present which was a heart shaped box of Reese's (his fav), a Printed out 11x17 glossy version of the poster I had made for him which is posted in my "Ode To My Husband" blog post, and I had made a "card" on the computer that he now has as his computer screen background...

We decided to have a Valentine's continuation the next day (yesterday), and he reordered the flowers to be delivered then.
We also were all set to use this awesome Johnny Carino's gift card my mom had gotten us for V-day as our special dinner since we didn't have one the night before.  You would think after the previous days disaster nothing could go wrong again, right? Wrong. The flowers never came again... I informed him of this right before he left work and he called them to cancel the order.  I'm already starting to feel a little down in the dumps, when he comes home with flowers in hand.  He had stopped at HEB on the way home.  I was so happy!  He also had brought me this cute mug with candy all in it!

The mug was my favorite part, he knows me so well. :)
The only thing that would have made it more perfect is if it wasn't pink, if it was like orange and yellow, or blue or something. But he said the only colors they had were pink and red, and I hate red, so he made a good choice.
So! Just when things are looking up, and I'm finally having a good V-day! The unthinkable happens.  We are all dressed up ready to go to dinner and I ask "Where's the gift card?" That's right, folks. We lost the gift card... WE FELT SOOO BAD. :(  We searched everywhere for 3 hours over and over and over again, we even drove to his office just in case he had taken it there and left it and nothing.
It was horrible, I had to call my mom and ask her if there was any chance she might have ended up with it, and sure enough, no.. She wasn't mad at us just disappointed that we didn't get to use it.. Carson was mad at himself cause he was the last one to have it before it disappeared and I felt horrible cause I'm usually so good about those kinds of things and not losing them. :(  The only place we think it could have ended up was being accidentally dropped out of Carson's pocket when he was walking the dog the night we got it, or it accidentally got thrown in the trash some how, and he had already taken the trash to the dumpster... He even went so far as to go look in the dumpster, but there were like 30 trash bags more than when he had originally thrown ours in.. It's no use. It's gone. The good news is that if we do eventually find it, it doesn't expire, so we will have a free dinner then. lol.
So what we ended up doing instead was going to chick fil a, ordering a ton of food and two huge sodas, we bought some jack and had a good ole time enjoying our food and drinks watching Big Love in our pj's in our living room.  So, it ended pretty happy..  I think the biggest lesson we learned was how not getting upset at each other in a really frustrating situation is really helpful. :)

So that was our Valentine's Day.  And here I sit, drinking my coffee out of my new mug and trying not to worry about the cleaning I have tomorrow and on Saturday after my eye exam.  I'm pretty sure my glasses prescription is just a little out dated (it's 4 years old)... Considering I can't judge the depth or see signs clearly when I'm driving, even with my glasses on, I think it's time for a check up. lol.
I'm off, it's laundry day and I have a lot to wash.


  1. Sounds like an eventful few days! Glad you had a lovely Valentine's Day in the end.

    I went off the pill after a year of being married because I didn't like what it did to me, it's not good putting all of those chemicals in your body. I highly recommend getting the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. Seriously, excellent book! It's an eye opener to a womans cycles and how to track your cycles and know when you are fertile by the signs your body gives. I'll never go back on the pill for many reasons, but knowing your body and the design that God made is amazing and works!

    Hope you manage to find the gift card!

  2. What a day huh? Crazy Valentine's! It is really good to be back into contact. I love reading folks blogs. Maybe nosiness. :0) Thanks for updating. When we move my hubby may commission you for some artwork...Will let you know closer to the time!