Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Few Small Updates

Nothing really major has happened in my life lately, only a handful of little things all at once.
As I mentioned before my mom's birthday is coming up (St. Patrick's Day), and my sister and I are planning something special for her.  Which definitely has taken up most of my time lately.  She has no idea, but I can tell she suspects something.  While we were cleaning at a client's house this past Saturday, she mentioned how her friend is planning a birthday party for herself.  Then she said that if Christi and I were doing anything for her, it would be ok if I told her, she wouldn't mind knowing.  To which I said "Ok, good to know." And left it at that. *sneaky*
Well, I tell you that to tell you this.. Apparently I am on an accidentally-breaking-things streak.  I was working on a present for my mom the other day and of course just my luck, it broke.  I took a picture of it, still don't really want to reveal exactly what it is yet, however you could probably figure it out from the picture..  I never knew glass could be sooo sharp though. :(  As i was cleaning it up I barely tapped my hand against the edge and it cut me.  I still have a mark from it! lol.

The breaking things streak didn't stop there.  I recently had an appointment with my eye doctor, however I ended up having to go to a different doctor because my doctor passed away like less than a week before my appointment.  She had a strand of the H1N1 virus.  So I go to the new eye doctor (who was a close friend to my dr.), and sure enough, my eyes have changed.  My astigmatism in my left eye is in a different location now, and my right eye has gotten more near sighted.  Sooo, that means new glasses time!
After going through and trying on literally EVERY pair of frames that were under 68 bucks, I found some really cute ones for $25! great price in my opinion.  So, I pick them up a few days later put them on, everything's great.  I take them off and go about the rest of my evening... Well, I get home that night and go to put them on again to get on the computer... and the arm snaps off like a twig. D:  I felt sick.  It was too late to go back that night.. So the next day I take them in and the lady fixes them for me no problem.  Now I'm like super paranoid that they are going to break again, so I like barely touch them, and open the arms like soooo slowly. lol.
The pic to the left is totally not how I wear them lol Just being silly.  There is a real pic on facebook. :)
Getting another hair cut soon.  It's getting too long again.  I'm seriously considering dying it dark red.  Haven't had it red in years and I'm starting to get the itch for change. Maybe deep burgundy with "natural" looking high lights, like the ones i have now.. We'll see.
So, to update on this matter.  Eva, if you are reading this I have taken your advice and I bought and read that book you suggested for me about natural birth control.  I have only been off the pill for a few weeks, but already I feel like 100% better.  I began charting about four days ago, and I have to say, taking my temperature every morning is a bit of a hassle that I have to get used to.  For some reason my body keeps waking me up at like 6 am every morning, and wont let me get back to sleep.  So that's when I have to do it, and I end up waking Carson up, and then he's grumpy.. yeah.. It's going to take some getting used to definitely.  But I'm excited about this alternative to putting chemicals in my body.

In other news I am feeling a definite need to start creating things again.  I took a few pictures of Strider before his last bath and I got one good one.  This of course has sparked an interest in Photography again.  lol Here we go with hopping from one thing to another again... Anyway I'll leave you with a picture of a scared Strider in the bath tub.
Enjoy. :)

Oh! and real quick, just putting it out there cause if I say it then it holds me accountable to keep at it, we are getting back into church again.  It has been quite a while (like over a month) since we have been, but we are deciding to be consistent with it from now on.  So yeah, just had to say that.

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