Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bamboo Fun

My Wacom tablet cam in today!  :D  YAY!  I was happier than a fat kid in a candy store. Honestly it was very very tricky to get the hang of and at first the CD that it came with to install the drivers for it wasn't working, so I was totally panicking.. Luckily you can download the drivers in their website, though, so my awesome day wasn't ruined.
I ~love~ it.  It's just the right size, too. Anything bigger would have been too cumbersome, and anything smaller and I would have felt jipped.
I definitely need to practice like, a ton with it before I attempted any serious artwork, or graphic designing. After fooling around with it for the past 4 hours I have managed to paint a work in progress of one of the wedding portraits of Carson and I.

I have no idea why I plan on finishing this, it's nothing to be taken too seriously, just practicing with the tablet in photoshop, tracing over the picture, then coloring it accordingly.  The clothing it no where near finished.  The heads will probably not require anymore touch ups, imo.
I recommend clicking on the pic to see the larger version to get all the detail..
I obviously have a long way to go in working with my new medium, but I suppose I'm off to a pretty good start (?)

Oh! And the new tat seems to be healing up nicely so far. :)
Just in case anyone was wondering.


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