Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Living Room and Tattoo

My sister came over last Friday and helped me organize my living room area.. It was just so cluttered and made our apartment feel so small. I wish I had taken a picture of it before, but I forgot to. :(  Anyway, she came over and we basically rearranged it all and cleaned it up and threw away old unnecessary junk and it looks awesome now. I'm so happy with it.  She's coming back this week possibly to help me with the rest of the house (bathroom and bedroom). I can't wait. :D It's so exciting to have a clean fresh house.  Here are a few pics of the area that we organized.

After much waiting, I also got my new tattoo Friday! :) I already talked about why I wanted it, what it means, etc...in a post a while back. Here's a pic of it:

Also!!  I ordered my Wacom Tablet with my birthday money!  My dad had sent me some money with a really pretty birthday card, which was just the right amount with my other b-day money that I received to buy the tablet! :) I'm excited.  I'll take pics of it when it gets here and when I get to practice with it I'll be sure to update.

Ok, well time to go clean the kitchen and bathroom now I guess.