Thursday, April 14, 2011

Soy Milk and Birthday

So, unfortunately I recently discovered I have a sensitivity to milk products.  But it's only some of them... Cream in my coffee is ok so are most cheeses, but butter on anything, milk, yogurt, ice cream, and cottage cheese upset my stomach so bad with horrible cramps and give me terrible acid reflux.. So... sad to say I can't indulge in my favorite breakfast anymore which consisted of toast with eggs and cottage cheese on top... nor can I have ice cream which I loved... And I had just started drinking more milk and eating cereal again which I hadn't done in forever, but alas, no more... No, instead now I'm learning to enjoy soy milk.  It definitely tastes very different, almost like milk that has been sitting in cereal for a while. But it's not bad, just like two times more expensive as regular fat free milk.. and you only get half the product. :(
Because of my new found stomach problem, I have been on a health kick (more like thinking about being healthy rather than actually doing it in some cases, though). It has been difficult staying healthy however with my birthday being last weekend. 

Needless to say there was much Chinese food, Sushi, and lemon bars which were my replacement for a cake.  I had a pretty good birthday.. It's getting spread out into this week, however, because one of my presents is on hold until we can get things sorted out.
What I did get I was very happy with, to name a few things, I got a wind sock, a new shirt, some new shoes since my hand me down ones were pretty much worn completely out beyond recognition, some jewelry, a cook book, and many many more great gifts from my family. :)  I also got a decent amount of cash, which I have decided I will put toward a Wacom tablet.  The problem of course being that generally the good quality ones are an upwards of $300 or more, and well, I just don't have that kind of money.  Ever.  So I am doing a little research and Carson said he would talk to his brother about it since he knows more about tablets and computer art than either of us do... Hopefully I'll get one before it turns into a Christmas present instead. :/
Anyway, if anything new happens I'll be sure to write about it, until then, enjoy some pictures of me opening gifts and drinking coffee. :P


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  1. Hey hon, happy laaaaate-butt birthday!
    I am lactose intolerant and just started using lactose free products and things are going better so far, so I'd give that a try if soy's not doing it for ya. It's definitely good, just incomparable to milk I think. I love that you had lemon bars as your cake - those are sooooo delicious!
    You're rocking the coffee drinking! haha! Hope all is well. :)