Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trouble In Paradise

So...There is definitely trouble in paradise..
Actually, there has been for some time now.  I wont go into all the details as it is personal and would probably make for a horribly long post.. but I will ask that those of you reading this please please pray for my marriage.  It seems to be completely falling apart at the seams and it's only been 6 months!  :(  All I can really say is that I have tried a million things to fix it and make it work, but he refuses to reciprocate.  I am afraid that he just doesn't want to be with me anymore and I can't imagine what I must have done to screw things up. :(
Please please pray for us.
Thank you,


  1. Oh sweetheart, I'm praying! Marriage is no walk in the park, it takes a lot of work. Take everything to the foot of the Cross. If you want to talk more, feel free to private message me. Love you girl!

  2. Thank you Eva.. I really appreciate it. He has set up an appointment to talk with the Pastor at our church about things.. Hopefully that can move us in the right direction. It's like this really crazy scary roller coaster that seems like there's no end to. :(